Hanstholm Prime

All-round protein supplement for chicken, hens, pigs as well as eel and shrimp.

Hanstholm Prime is a nutritious all-round fish meal product that is suitable for a wide variety of animal species. Hanstholm Prime combines high biological value with better feed efficiency and greater economy. Animals fed with Hanstholm Prime achieve high daily growth through Hanstholm Prime's significant contribution to amino acid content in the healthy, balanced compound.

Hanstholm Prime is particularly suitable for egg-laying hens as a significant protein source in the production of hatching eggs. For pigs and pregnant sows, Hanstholm Prime's high content of raw fats and varied mineral content results in larger litters, improved viability and increased fertility. 

Hanstholm Prime is also a good and nutritious feed for eel and shrimp farms, where the biological values and easy digestibility promote a higher daily growth rate.

Hanstholm Prime is guaranteed salmonella-free.


Protein 70-72%
Fat Max 12%
Water Max 10%
Salt Max 1-7%
Ash 10-16%

Antioxidant added during production