Quality Objective

It is FF Skagen’s aim to produce and supply bacteriological healthy products, quality adjusted to the customers’ demands and wishes and identify possible risks in relation to food safety by means of the HACCP principles.

In order to ensure the impact of the quality objectives both internal and external, we have outlined a number of quality politics:

  • Identify and meet customer needs

  • All self-produced products are GMP+ products

  • All by-products must come from fish which are intended for human consumption

  • No raw materials must come for IUU fisheries

Quality Policy

FF Skagen wants to:

  • Carry out a documented and certified quality control system at the factory in Skagen in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and GMP+ B1 and B3 from receipt of raw materials to production, storage and delivery to the customer.
  • Carry out a documented and certified quality control system at the factory in Hanstholm in accordance with GMP+ B2

  • Have a close dialogue with the customer in order to secure the right choice of product for the certain purpose

  • Provide customers and potential customers a professional guidance and service

  • Perform an evaluation and follow-up on customer satisfaction through conversations

  • Apply current practice and quality of tests and calibrations carried out for customers

  • Fulfil customer demands such as laws and legislations in an economic responsible way

  • Set up quality improvement goals and action plans in the entire organization and carry out follow-up on the effort and results

  • Ensure that the products fulfill the demands from current laws and regulations and that international standard specifications are fulfilled

  • Maintain a flexible storage system combined with high traceability in the production

  • Plan and carry out current information and education to strengthen the quality awareness in the entire organization

  • Actively involve the employees and management in current quality improvements in accordance with the quality objectives

  • Document the product quality through effective and controlled sampling and laboratory control

  • All employees are committed to report any kind of lack of quality concerning products and processes

  • Purchase raw materials from sustainable fisheries


Food Safety Policy through HACCP

FF Skagen wishes to ensure that our products are safe and do not cause any healthy risk to human beings or animals

FF Skagen regularly performs evaluation of the management and the effect on food safety and traceability

FF Skagen guarantees a uniform quality of the product for each category

FF Skagen meets the existing demands required by the authorities

Food safety is an integrated part of our quality control system

Environment and Energy Policies

FF Skagen wishes to appear as an environmental and energy concerned company, which actively and engaged strives to reduce the environmental impact from the company’s activities.

In Skagen we wish to carry out a documented and certified environment control system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

  • With respect to the company’s importance and position in the community FF wishes to continuous work on reducing the odor nuisance to an acceptable level 

  • Based on continuous and set goals FF will work on reducing the company’s environmental impact and resource consumption 

  • Through the quality settlement system FF Skagen wish to proceed increasing the quality of landed industrial fish and trimmings in order to exploit the resources as much as possible and to minimize the environmental impact on the company’s production 

  • Through internal education and information FF wishes to promote understanding for energy and environmental awareness among the employees and others who work on behalf of FF and ensure the necessary knowledge about these matters

  • FF wishes to perform environmental and energy impact assessments in connection with new investments and/or larger restructuring of the facilities
  • FF continuously wishes to survey the environmental and energy impacts in order to maintain achieved environmental improvements

  • FF wishes to obey current legislation and demands from supervising authorities 

  • FF wishes to public its environmental and energy policies

  • FF wishes to communicate openly with all authorities, customers and suppliers concerning environment and energy matter

Work Environment

FF Skagen wishes to promote safety and health throughout the company in order to ensure its employees in the best possible way.
Furthermore, FF wishes to try to maintain employees who for some reason have suffered damage to their ability to work.

  • FF wishes to promote safety and health at the workplace and ensure maintenance of education concerning safety and training in all departments 

  • The management currently carries out permanent improvements in the entire company

  • The management is responsible for the employee’s safety and for giving instructions and control that these are followed. Furthermore, it is important to make the employees understand the importance of using the necessary safety equipment

  • All employees are responsible for their own safety and for preventing accidents

  • FF wishes to try to improve the employees' health through different projects

  • FF wishes to communicate openly with employees and authorities concerning work environment, among other things