FF LT Supreme

Fishmeal in a class of its own for piglets, trout, salmon and mink.

FF LT Supreme fishmeal is gently prepared under very low heat. FF LT Supreme fishmeal is in a class of its own with a high content of proteins and minerals and unsurpassed high protein digestibility. The result is an exceptional growth rate. FF LT Supreme is particularly suitable for the first weeks of an animal’s life, during which it is absolutely crucial that the composition of the feed is as close to animals’ natural food as possible.

FF LT Supreme means not only an extraordinarily good feeding economy. It also means increased welfare because FF LT Supreme provides a feed content balance, where rapid growth does not come at the expense of animals, natural development, strength and health.

FF LT Supreme is guaranteed salmonella-free.


Protein 68-72%
Fat Max 12%
Water Max 10%
Salt Max 1-7%
Ash 10-18%
TVN Max 0,18% NH3N
Water solube protein Min 18% Max 32%
PH-Stat digestibility min 90%
Histamin max 500
Cadevarin max 1000

Antioxidant added during production