FF Golden Oil Soil Association

Feed supplement for growth, firm textured meat and healthy fish in organic production.

FF Golden Oil Soil Association is produced from 100% trimmings from the fishing industry approved and certified as ecologically and socially responsible protein supplement from Soil Association, which is one of the world’s most respected ecological brands. Soil Association is a UK organic non-profit organization working for sustainable agriculture and aquaculture. Soil Association has over 27,000 members.

FF Golden Oil Soil Association is produced in a fast, hygienic and controlled production, which provides a clean, fresh product with an exceptionally low content of free fatty acids. The very low free fatty acid content increases the appetite of the fish, because the oil both smells good and tastes good exactly like their natural food: fresh fish.

Free Fatty Acids 1-7%
Lodine Value 140-190
Unsaponifiable matter 0-3%
Moisture & Impurities <1 %

Antioxidants are added as required