Feed safety

FF Skagen produces fishmeal and fish oil for the most ambitious feed manufacturers and farmers worldwide. We have chosen to take responsibility and commit ourselves to the significant share of our products on the entire food chain through quality assurance of all processes from catch to finished product. See our certificates. Fishmeal from FF Skagen is guaranteed salmonella-free. Fish oil is the world's cleanest – 100 per cent purified for dioxin.

Detailed safety information for users of all our products can be downloaded from the individual product pages on this website.




All landings are analysed and approved before the fish proceeds to production subject to procedures according to ISO 9001 and GMP + B1. Laboratory samples from the entire process document the freshness of the raw material and the finished product with 100% accurate specifications on nutritional content and physical properties. FF Skagen takes sealed samples of all deliveries for possible subsequent analysis at accredited laboratory according to the customer’s choice.

Furthermore, FF Skagen uses authorized third party weighing 100 per cent documenting the weight and volume accurately of all deliveries.