FF NSM/Special A

Easily digestible nutrient concentrate for piglets, salmon and mink.

FF NSM/Special A fishmeal is a protein concentrate made from fresh fish and processed in a gentle process that preserves the original natural qualities of the flesh of the fresh fish. FF NSM/Special A meal is packed with nutritional content that is as close to the animals’ natural food as possible. It has the same high levels of the essential amino acids and an unparalleled ease of digestibility.

FF NSM/Special A can be used in both wet as well as dry feed mixes. It can also be combined with
FF Golden Oil. The result is a feed base that corresponds closely to the natural food of salmon and trout,
both in taste and nutritional value.

FF NSM/Special A is guaranteed salmonella-free.


Protein 69-72%
Fat Max 12%
Water Max 10%
Ash 10-20%
Salt Max 1-7%
PH-Stat digestibility Min 88%

Antioxidant added during production