FF Golden Oil

Energy efficient supplement for growth, firm meat and healthy, tasty fish.

FF Golden Oil is produced from fresh fish. A fast, hygienic and controlled production provides a clean, fresh product with an exceptionally low content of free fatty acids. The very low free fatty acid content increases the appetite of the fish, because the oil both smells good and tastes good – exactly like their natural food: fresh fish.

FF Golden Oil fish oil is a crucial element in the composition of an energy-rich fish food. The oil is the energy in the feed, which, in addition to encouraging rapid growth, simultaneously provides the salmon with the right consistency and the sought-after fat marbling. Golden Oil strengthens the characteristics of adipose tissue as a taste binder – and ensures the optimal tasty end product.

Free Fatty Acids 1-7%
Lodine Value 140-190
Unsaponifiable matter 1-3%
Moisture & Impurities <1%

Antioxidants are added as required