FF Naturland Fish Meal

FF Skagen Naturland fishmeal is produced from sustainable trimmings from the fishing industry - approved by the German Naturland as protein supplement in organic farming and aquaculture. Naturland is one of the world’s most respected organic brands with more than 53,000 members. The organization works in accordance with organic standards stricter than e.g. the German ecolabel, Bio-Siegel. FF Naturland fishmeal is guaranteed free from salmonella.


  Protein 65-68%
  Water  Max 10%
  Fat Max 12%
  Salt Max 4.5%

Added antioxidant min 500 ppm natural antioxidant during production

The Program Comprises:

FF Naturland Classic
Allround organic protein supplement for chicken, hens, pigs, eel and shrimp. With high biological value FF Naturland Classic adds both an improved exploitation of the feed and a better economy. Animals who are fed with FF Naturland Classic achieve a higher daily growth because of the increased amount of amino acids in the healthy, balanced feed.

FF Naturland LT
Organic fish meal second to none for piglets, trout, salmon and mink. 
FF Naturland LT fish meal has a high content of proteins and minerals and an unsurpassed high protein digestibility. The result is an extreme growth. FF Naturland LT is especially suitable for the animals’ first weeks, during which the feed essentially should be very close the the animals’ natural feed as possible.

FF Naturland Special A
Easy digestible organic nutrient concentrate for piglets, salmon and mink. FF Naturland Special A has been bred through a gentle process which preserves the original qualities of the fish (100% trimmings). It is filled with nutritious values which is quite close to the animals’ natural feed and has the same high content of essential amino acids and equal unsurpassed digestibility.

FF Naturland Trimmings
Approved as organic protein by Naturland and Soil Association. FF Naturland Trimmings is a nutritious fish meal product targeted organic salmon farming. The product is added natural antioxidants, which makes FF Naturland Trimmings a perfect protein supplement to a well-balanced and organic feed. It is among other places used in one of the world’s most quality conscious salmon industries - namely the Norwegian.